Tuesday, December 27, 2011

William Morris, le Carnet Rouge

So here it is..this was the second Pre-Raphaelite surprise to come my way this Christmas day. Via Raine on Facebook, I found out about this phenomenal-looking new book about William Morris' life and daydreams as a young child. Illustrated by Agata Kawa, the book is entirely in French (and I don't read a single word of it) and the images are just phenomenally beautiful.

Morris' floral patterns are rendered in organic and dream-like soft colors on each page.

I love this emblem, inspired by Morris' Dragon and Peacock design.

Recognize the Millais that inspired this?

The book is available on Amazon.co.uk


Linden said...


Raine Szramski said...

I just got a message that mine is on the way! Yayy. I left a message on Agata's blog (in English because I didn't want to embarrass everyone by attempting my bad high school French.) and she replied (in English): >> Many thanks Raine ! I hope you’ll enjoy it. :))
And I hope too that for all english people, it will be translated by an English editor soon. ^^
Yes, because I want to be able to read the story as well! But for now I'll look at how beautifully the book is designed...This is an excellent example of book craftsmanship! :)

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Thank you for posting this!

Bryony said...

*adds to wishlist*

Looks beautiful. Hope my (very basic) French is up to at least getting the gist of it!

Rachel said...

This is gorgeous and might just help with my french lessons. ;-)

Grace said...

Raine, I can't wait to hear your review of it! And I do hope an English version comes out...I don't know any French at all, and it'd kill me to have it and have no clue what it says. ;)

Kim, my pleasure!

Bryony, maybe you can tell me what it says! :D

Rachel, I bet it would! LOL

Alexandrion said...

OMG Grace !! I have seen this a million times and I didn't know it was about Morris !!!
*dies of ignorance*

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

That Benjamin Lacombe guy has the most beautiful illustrations, I have a witch book of his.
I met him once in a book salon in Paris !! He was nice !

Alexandrion said...

PS : I can totally buy this and translate it for you gals !