Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Red House Christmas

Oh, those of you who aren't friends with Red House on Facebook, all the amazing pictures you're missing!!! They shared images of William Morris' beautiful home...pretty much the Camelot of the Pre-Raphaelites' golden years...decorated ever so festively for the holidays.

This tree could not be more amazing. Not only is it entirely period-appropriate with its natural garlands of popcorn, orange slices, and paper cutouts, but it's Pre-Raphaelite theme! How perfect is that??

A Christmas tree in front of the famous zig-zag patterned front door of Red House. It does my heart good.

The gingerbread Brotherhood (or in the case of this picture, Sisterhood) just tickles me to death. Each one has the initials of an obvious counterpart to all of us in the know.

And who better to make the angelic tree-topper than Edward Burne-Jones?

The breathtakingly gorgeous staircase at Red House all bedecked with natural gorgeousness, including a kissing ball.

A volunteer helps decorate the window sills. For some reason, every time I see these windows in pictures, it feels especially giddy to me. I can truly imagine Lizzie or Ned staring out of them at the surrounding nature.

Another shot of the gorgeous tree:

And the amazing staircase:


Hermes said...

How wonderful

Pegasus said...

I want to buy this house... :-)

Raine Szramski said...

I love the enchanted way Red House looks in the snow...

Grace said...

Hermes, thanks!

Pegasus, ah wouldn't it be a dream??

Raine, me too! The warm glow from the windows....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, these are wonderful. That staircase thrills me, and the house looks so magical in the snow. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be one of the volunteers at Red House...or Kelmscott.