Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow White and Brer Rabbit

I may not know the name of all of William Morris' wallpaper designs by heart, but I do pride myself whenever I'm able to "catch one in the wild," so to speak.

Looking over a post over at Hooked on Houses, one of my very favorite blogs, I spotted one! 

Ginnifer Goodwin, best known right now for playing Snow White in the tv show Once Upon a Time, is featured in the February issue of Elle magazine sharing her lovely abode.  And what should I spy in the very first photo of her front door and entry?

William Morris' "Brer Rabbit" wallpaper.

I have to say I find this wallpaper pattern to be the absolute perfect thing for a modern fairy tale princess' home.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Slice and a Stunner

Of all the random P.R.B. sightings, I love this one so much...

Tony's Pizzeria in Kingston, New York.  My friend Julie snapped this shot for me.

So if you go there for a slice of pizza, be sure to pay attention to the wall art.  And do take a few more pictures for me...I'd love to see more detail!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

House of the Wolfings

Today while working my mild-mannered job as a daily, I came across this short but delightful article in December's issue of Wired.

I love the final sentence especially.  "Hey Peter Jackson, need fodder for another trilogy?"  A movie based on Morris' fiction?  Oh yes.  Please.

Also, may I direct your attention to this wonderful collection of images of Debenham House, a gorgeous locale featured in a previous blog post.  This link was shared by an anonymous commenter on the previous blog post!

I love all the comments I get on The Beautiful Necessity, and I always enjoy them, even if I don't always get a chance to reply. 

Happy Pre-Raphaelite New Year!!!