Monday, December 26, 2011

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Christmas Day yielded not one but two delightful Pre-Raphaelite surprises for all of us. First, there was the Christmas special episode of Doctor Who..

Yes, Doctor Who. I assume you're a fan, if you're already discriminating enough of taste to love the Brotherhood.

Yes, that IS William Morris "Compton" pattern, in the gorgeous manor house from the Doctor Who special.

More than that, I shall not say for those of you who haven't seen the episode yet. But it was indeed a special treat.

The second special discovery of Christmas, brought to my attention by Raine, to come tomorrow....


Hermes said...

Great wallpaper, poor Christmas special imho of course.

Grace said...

I dunno...I rather liked it, though I still prefer the flying sharks.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I noticed the wallpaper, too. :)

Rachel said...

I noticed that wallpaper too, also enjoyed the Christmas special and might have shed a little tear or two.

Sally Abravanel said...

I liked it too, Grace ... it was something of a return to the old 'simplistic' Doctor Who that I remember from my childhood.

Unfortunately, my first Doctor was Sylvester McCoy, the last of the 'original 8' ... but about six months before the first 'new' Doctor (Eccleston), the TV station repeated selected episodes of all the old series - all good stuff, even with the cardboard sets of the William Hartnell era!



Grace said...

I love that all of us noticed the wallpaper :)

I still need to try old-school Who :)