Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Allure of The Hollywood Stunner

So I don't know how I missed this one.  My husband mentioned to me tonight a lovely picture he'd seen of a favorite actress of mine, Amy Adams, in an issue of People magazine from a few weeks ago.  I went looking for the picture, and stumbled across another shoot she did in 2009 for Allure magazine that took my breath away.  I only saw two shots, but boy were they....gorgeous.

The first image, combined with combing through Google Images for more shots from the spread, suddenly struck me as being rather Lizzie Siddal.  Amy Adams in some ways reminds me of Siddal...having that delicate frailty and innocence about her that draws other people in, yet a strong steel core of courage and talent.

Also tonight my husband and I watched the movie "Now is Good" with Dakota Fanning, and I have to say I was quite impressed with her British accent and with her acting, the latter of which was never a question to me.

Now that the lawsuit surrounding the film Effie has been cleared up, release of the film is free to proceed, and I look forward to seeing another interpretation of an actress exploring the Sisterhood.

So I always love asking this question...which actors or actresses remind you of the Brotherhood or Sisterhood?  Either in physical appearance or in apparent character?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Ladies of Shalott

Ivory Flame is one of my favorite models.  Her face reminds me of a young Miranda Richardson, and she clearly has a great love of the Pre-Raphaelites from her images.

I love these images of Ivory Flame with equally lovely and Pre-Raphaelite model Ella Rose.  The images were intentionally inspired by The Lady of Shalott.

For more images, click here.  Ivory Flame does figure modeling, hence the blog content warning when you click the link.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The New Romantics in Out Magazine

Today while processing magazines for the library where I work, I thumbed through the newest issue of Out Magazine and came across a fashion editorial that definitely caught my eye.  It was called "The New Romantics", and the first figure in the title spread was lounging languidly in a very very Rossetti way, with one hand gracefully curved against their side.

Oh heavens me!!!  The image was *beautiful* in a very Pre-Raphaelite way, and was also rather fascinatingly gender-ambiguous.  I curiously leafed on...

What a gorgeously, gorgeously styled fashion feature, and in my opinion, most definitely inspired by Pre-Raphaelite visuals.  It's delightful to me to see how, at least for these models, the poses, accessories, and color palettes that are more often gender-stereotyped as "feminine" work so wonderfully.

To read about another graceful male figure in Pre-Raphaelite art, and Kirsty Walker's first art crush, click here to read her wonderful blog post today, Ophelia for Boys.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Five Years

Art by Thomas Dodd

So last Monday was a momentous occasion.  I had it written on my dayplanner and everything, and yet I've just been so busy I let it slip by without public notice.

Monday was the 5 year anniversary of The Beautiful Necessity. 

In honor of the occasion, I wanted to post the top five most popular blog entries here from the last five years. 

#5 Vogue Cult of Beauty with Saorise Ronan

Because who can blame you all for wanting to look at gorgeous pictures of a modern Stunner?

#4 Pre-Raphaelite Tresses

I'm pretty proud of this one, as it was one of my first forays into doing research on the morals of Victorian times and applying it to an understanding of the Brotherhood. 

Plus, you know....pretty hair.

#3 Singers Love the Lady of Shalott

Modern subtitle: why oh why did Alison Sudol recolor her hair?  :(

#2 Pre-Raphaelites on Model Mayhem

Am I sensing a "pretty ladies in pretty photos" theme here?

#1 Artistic Dress

This one was a surprise to me!  The top most viewed article in the five year history of The Beautiful Necessity is a short one I wrote summarizing the Artistic Dress Movement and its context in Victorian style. 

So there you have it folks!  Five years of The Beautiful Necessity, and hopefully we'll be celebrating our ten year anniversary before we know it!  In the mean time, I hear there's this modest little exhibition coming to Washington DC later this month.

Maybe I'll go... ;)