Friday, May 30, 2008

Tag Galaxy

My fiance introduced me to a great resource tonight. Tag Galaxy. Not only is it just really pretty neat to watch the visual graphics for the search results, but it works! Start out by typing in a key word you want to search Flickr for. The result comes up as a large 'globe' with other worlds circling around it showing you additional words that are often associated with the first word. Of course, the example I had to try was "Pre-Raphaelite," and some of the associated words were art, stained glass, etc. Clicking on the main globe for all Pre-Raphaelite results brings you to a larger globe composed of small versions of all the image results. Clicking on each image result makes it larger, and clicking on the larger image gives you information on it, and a link to the Flickr page to see the person's album.

The search for "Pre-Raphaelite" actually had so many results, there are numerous "globes" of images to look through. But it's a quick and easy way to see what catches your eye. How brilliant!

A few things I came across just by looking at the first globe of images....

A set of photos taken for an art project recreating Pre-Raphaelite artworks

This gorgeous digital art piece by Solitaire Miles

A beautiful interpretation of Ophelia.

The above sketch by Millais of his family is part of a wonderful photo pool devoted to him.

I can tell I'll be searching these images for a while!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,
Lovely post, I'm glad you enjoy exploring with Tag Galaxy. Thanks for writing about the application!

Margaret said...

Hi Grace! I meant to email you, but I couldn't find your address. Anyway, my blog's address has changed and I just wanted to let you know. The new address is, so if you could update your links that would be great!

Thanks so much,

Grace said...

Hey Margaret! Done! Thanks for the heads up. :)