Friday, May 9, 2008

The Sheer Size of Things

I am so frustrated that I seem to be updating so sporadically lately! I hope things can get better/my schedule will be free-r soon.


There have been several articles in the news about two precious pieces of Pre-Raphaelite art from Puerto Rico are on display right now in England. The article is accompanied by the above image of two women admiring Edward Burne-Jones' The Sleep of Arthur in Avalon. Sometimes it is easy to forget the absolute impact that the size of the works Edward Burne-Jones did can have. And not only that, it is incredible to think that this man, whose work was trivialized during the early part of his life for being "decorative," can work in such a wide variety of sizes. This same man who created this massive artwork also did designs on small tiles, doors on furniture, and other very small surfaces.

I look forward this October to potentially seeing my first Burne-Jones in person, and I am eager to be overwhelmed by the experience.


Anonymous said...

I would also urge you to go, no RUN!!! to the libary while in Boston to see the Edwin Austin Abbey murals depicting the Quest for the Holy Grail. They are also very grand in size, circling an entire room.

Grace said...

I will do my best to get there! :D