Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why I Haven't Been Here. And Also, a Gorgeous Calendar!

The Beautiful Necessity was my very first blog, started in February 2008.  At the time, I lamented that there wasn't more out there for enthusiasts of Pre-Raphaelite art to get information both on the original movement, and its influence and marketing in the modern day.  But now...there are some incredible resources out there, not the least of which are Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood, run by my dear friend Stephanie, and The Kissed Mouth, run by my dear friend Kirsty.  Because of this, and new extracurricular obligations that are taking up much of my time, I haven't posted here very often lately.  I do still plan to post here if I find new content, but the posts will be admittedly few and far between.  Thankfully, as I said, Stephanie and Kirsty are incredible experts in the field, and I highly recommend following everything they both do!!!

In the mean time, I DO have new content to share with you!  The incredibly talented Hannah Titania recently coordinated the creation of a new calendar for 2015 called Pre-Raphaelite Muses.  This calendar features gorgeous never-before-seen images of modern day Stunners who are not only inspired by Pre-Raphaelite art, but are artists in their own right who help create new beauty every day!

Or, in Hannah's words,

"After finding other Muses from different parts of the world, who shared the same inspiration and love for Pre-Raphaelite art, I started the Facebook group 'Pre-Raphaelite Models and Muses'. People enjoyed sharing their Pre-Raphaelite inspired photographs, and I loved all of the creativity. I then had the idea of bringing modern Pre-Raphaelite Muses together to create a calendar.

One of the most important things about the Muses in the calendar is that they are not simply models dressing up in a certain style, they are being themselves.

Each Muse in the calendar holds a special type of beauty that is described as ‘Pre-Raphaelite’. Apart from all being artists’ models who pose in the Pre-Raphaelite style for photography, paintings and drawings, they are also artists themselves, care about nature, and inspire others through their being and ideals. All the Muses in this calendar were chosen not only for their unique beauty and artistic endeavours, but also because they have a passion for Pre-Raphaelite art. Every page has text about who each Muse is and their art. There are musicians, writers, crafters and artists."

The calendar is available at the Pre-Raphaelite Muses website, and an exclusive sneak peek will be seen in the Winter issue of FAE magazine. 

It can also be purchased on Etsy, here and here.  You can also follow new information on the project on the Facebook page.

Incidentally, I was supposed to be a part of this project, but failed to get an image to Hannah in time for this year.  Hopefully if the project is successful, I can participate next year!


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