Monday, September 1, 2014

Aurora Ophelia

Tonight, a friend linked an article on Vanity Fair about the costume designer for Maleficent, and how she focused on emphasizing Aurora's innocence for the new film.

Two costume sketches from the film's wardrobe department are shown in the article slide show, and the last one was immediately familiar to me.

Who better, I suppose, to look at for innocent aesthetics than Ophelia?

Ophelia by JW Waterhouse

 You can see some of the influence in the inspiration painting in the finished garment...the embroidered band around the hem, the sleeve style, and the chemise under the neckline.

I did adore this movie, and am counting the days till it's out on DVD and I can see it again!


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Hi Georgia,

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Best of luck with your sounds marvelous!


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