Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Poem to Burne-Jones

The Golden Age was with us while he stayed:
For the Seven Angels knew him, and their wings
Were stilled for him to paint; the Wizard Kings
Showed him the Orient treasures, which they laid
At the Infant's feet; the Courts of Love obeyed
His incantations; every Myth which brings
Light out of darkness seemed imaginings
Of God, or things that God himself had made.

O Painter of the Golden Age--return!
Earth is less fair without thee. Our sad eyes
Are wearing of a dreamless day--and night,
Duller than darkness, lit by lamps which burn
Only at earthly shrines--while Paradise,
Lost for the second time, slips out of sight.

Found in Five Great Painters of the Victorian Era, opening the section on Edward Burne-Jones. Authorship unknown.


Von said...

Oh yes indeed!!

almeriane said...

This is what I call Poetry!!! Beauty and Passion lead those words!!!

Grace said...

I can certainly relate to this sentiment regarding EBJ :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. "Earth is less fair without thee..." So true.