Thursday, January 21, 2010

Imperishable Beauty

This past Saturday, two friends and I made a return pilgrimage to the Cincinnati Art Museum for the Imperishable Beauty exhibit of Art Nouveau jewelry. I had wanted to visit this exhibit in Boston in 2008 when we were there for my honeymoon, but it didn't work out. Then the MFA Boston brought the exhibit to me! Cincinnati was the only other location for this amazing collection of exquisitely detailed jewelry.

No photographs were allowed at the Cincinnati museum, but I did catch this photo of a pearled dog collar before I realized:

Can you imagine how a dog collar like that survived to be shared today?

I also found these images from the exhibit on Flickr.

The event also featured a few Mucha posters, which my friends and I enjoyed:

(Note: These posters were in an area of items owned by Cincinnati, so photography was allowed)

But the highlight of the exhibit by far to me was my viewing of my first Morris & Co. / William Morris textile. I was giddy to see his handiwork in person for the first time.

I even posed next to my favorite pattern, Peacock and Dragon. I had no idea the pattern was so HUGE on this one! The stand said that it was made for a wall covering. If only....


Cathy said...

How wonderful, Grace!
Thanks so much for sharing about your special pilgrimage.
Such beautiful Morris textiles!
I love all the photos ... but, especially the last one. Your hair ... and expression next to the gorgeous Peacock and Dragon pattern ... Lovely!
All the best.

Von said...

Oh marvellous!!
Came across a gorgeous set of cards today,four different patterns in a boxed set of twenty.Such a treat but a bit dear for me.Admired it so much!
Here we have the wonder of a house called Carrick Hill owned by a couple who were Morris & Co's biggest customers outside Britain.The Movement had a good run for it's money in Adelaide and we still enjoy the benefits.

Grace said...

Cathy, you're so sweet! Thank you. I was enraptured by the fabric.

Von, that sounds so wonderful! I hope someday to be able to visit England itself to see all of the beautiful houses with Morris & Co's work incorporated into the actual design.

Cathy said...

It was a joy to see how special this was for you! So glad you and your friends were able to have this experience.

Unknown said...

all gorgeous photos! you must go to the saint louis museum of art-so much art nouveau goodness there not to mention an saint peter's amazing basilica and gorgeous gardens and a fun town. and, when you get back to england you will be all ready to visit liberty and the morris houses. for me, it is especially amazing to see all the wood blocks.

Kristia said...

What a wonderful c! I have such a weakness for art nouveau jewellery. Wonderful photos and I really enjoy your blog.

Kristia said...

I'm sorry... my last comment was supposed to read, "What a wonderful collection". I'm not quite sure what happened, but I hope it makes more sense now!

Grace said...

Thanks, Kristia! Art Nouveau jewelry really is stunning, isn't it? A little story in every piece...