Friday, June 28, 2013

Mermaid Hugging Man

Look for part 2 of my tour of the NGA exhibition in the next few days!  In the mean time, I give you a Wombat Friday special. 

On my birthday last Saturday, my awesome Pre-Raphaelite friend Verity gave me a heads-up on this shirt available on the website Yizzam under the description "Mermaid Hugging Man."  I got a huge giggle out of that one, and Verity and Kirsty and I joked that all Pre-Raphaelite artworks should have literal titles. 

Aaaanyway, I had to buy the shirt, and it arrived today!  Morris the Wombat approves. 

My favorite artwork on a shirt!  (In case you didn't know, the ACTUAL title is Depths of the Sea, by Edward Burne-Jones)  Life is good...


Raine Szramski said...

Oh YESS!!! What a great shirt!!

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

It suits you and your Wombat too! Really like the idea of literal titles for works of art. Gives me some lovely thoughts to dwell upon .... x

Marina said...

Wow I love that! I found you via the Pre-Raph Sisterhood Facebook page, I can't wait to see your blog! I love all of it too. And that shirt is gorgeous, the blue with your hair is stunning!! Take care, from another redhead -


lumina said...

Cool. Now I need to see Chanson d'Amour on a shirt and I'll be happy.

Grace said...

Raine, it's so fun!!

Thank you Mrs. Black! Oh there are some wonderful possibilities in literal titles for Pre-Raphaelite artworks.

Marina, I'm so glad you found me! Thanks!

Mina, indeed!

Pavel said...

It looks beautiful on you!

Very happy to have made it. :)