Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Kissed Mouth: A Blog to Watch

Actually, calling it a "blog to watch" is an utter understatement.

Some of you have probably read the wonderful book, Stunner: The Fall and Rise of Fanny Cornforth by my dear and wonderful friend Kirsty Walker. (If you haven't, hie thee to Amazon to purchase)

Kirsty has an amazing talent for writing that is both informative and extremely fun, and she has just started her own blog, The Kissed Mouth. Every single entry there so far is both riveting and wonderful, and I just cannot say enough about how dang GOOD it is. So yes. Please. Go admire her brilliance, enjoy her thoughts, and follow her blog!!!


Kate said...

Oooh lovely blog, thanks for the thumbs up! Not sure if you know this already but Fiona MacCarthy, biographer of William Morris, is set to publish a new biography on Edward Burne Jones in September? (at least that's the release date here in England). As her book on Morris was a wonderfully detailed and weighty tome, I'm hoping her one on Burne Jones will be similar!

Hermes said...

Wonderful blog - thanks for letting us all know.

Kirsty Stonell Walker said...

Gracie, you Saucepot! See, this is why I love you.

Margaret said...

Wow. It is quite the blog! I will be reading it regularly!