Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poor Splendid Wings

The library where I work recently joined a larger consortium of libraries, and increased our available titles by 73 library systems. My first search of the new system? You guessed it...key word, Pre-Raphaelite. I requested an intriguing title called Poor Splendid Wings: The Rossettis and Their Circle, and then searched the title online to try to find out more about it (Amazon had it available, but no information at all)

I was delighted to track down this scan of the book cover from its publication year, 1933. Please, please click on the above image to see larger. I assume the center drawing is meant to be Rossetti, and of course the upper right is Ruskin. The lower left must be Rossetti and Lizzie. I'm not sure who the upper left and lower right are meant to be. Please let me know if you have a guess!
I'll be sure to review the book once I've read it!

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