Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meeting on the Turret Stairs

Just a quick thing to share today. I was searching Google images for the Frederick Burton painting Meeting on the Turret Stairs, and I came across this really great modern photographic interpretation on Flickr.


Hermes said...

Thanks for sharing that. What a clever idea and such a beautiful painting.

Grace said...

Thanks Hermes! I think the way they lit the modern interpretation helped to create a very similar mood to the original. I always admire modern artists using Pre-Raphaelite art as inspiration! :)

Laura Heron said...


thanks so much for this blog. i am thinking of having my wedding with a medeval / pre-raphelite theme (actually, i like the idea of modern pre-raphelite - i.e. pre-raphelite updated medieval aestetics to fit with a victorian context, and the theme will be the same sort of thing, only to a modern context).

Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. I think i will be having a dress from :

and I aim to ride my horse to the wedding, and so some pictures that look like:

I love the pictures of your wedding too.

thanks again, and sorry for sounding like a 14 year old, but i am finding this all so exciting!

My OH refuses to 'dress up' in costume - any ideas for making him in keeping with me, yet based on a modern suit type thing?

Grace said...

Hi Laura! What a beautiful website for gowns! I also (as seen in my wedding gown!) adore dupioni silk for gowns, and that site has some lovely ones. Which style were you thinking of getting?

As for the tux thing, to be honest, I've seen so many beautiful weddings where the bride wears period and the groom wears modern. My own was like that! As this post, and my wedding pictures, imply, it especially can work if you take a few pictures inspired by classical or Pre-Raphaelite poses. The poses themselves are so romantic, they throw the entire thing into a period look, even if the groom's clothes are a bit more modern.

Our favorite wedding picture (and the one framed on our wall) was this one:
which looks period, despite his modern suit.

I hope that helps! :D Please come back with wedding pictures later.