Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lady of from the set!

The Lady of Shalott, Lincolnshire-native, Victoria Rigby

Director Nick Loven planning shots from a rowboat.

Sir Lancelot, played by Jason Kingsley, surrounded by two lovely damsels.

The wordsmith himself, Tennyson, will be played by Ben Poole.

News has arrived from the set of The Lady of Shalott, a new film being made in Lincolnshire, Tennyson's birthplace.

The first exciting piece of news is that they have found their Tennyson! The production is a community effort, and Lincolnshire-native Ben Poole (last picture) will be playing the role of the famous Poet Laureate.

Next week, filming will be done in the Tower of Shalott, and, thanks to Pauline, I will hopefully have more exclusive images!

And another wonderful piece of news...the film will be available on DVD once it's completed!

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