Thursday, June 5, 2008

Artistic / Aesthetic Dresses Old and New

One of these days, I'd enjoy making myself an example of a Pre-Raphaelite Aesthetic-Style gown. Until then, I can admire the gowns made by Veda Crewe Joseph on this page.
The below dress looks like it could have come straight out of Jane Morris' closet!
And while I'm admiring aesthetic gowns, check out this actual vintage gown from 1910 or so, that has clearly been influenced by the aesthetic movement, and artists like Mucha. Gorgeous!

And finally, another vintage Aesthetic Pre-Raphaelite gown I found somewhere online, and lost the link! Be sure to click the picture to see it large and lovely.
For more information on artistic/aesthetic dress, check out a blog I did a bit ago, here.


Tess & Matthew said...

Gorgeous dresses, but OMG... the 2nd and 4th pictures... the woman is in an old-fashioned curvy Morris chair like Grandpa's (we still call it Grandpa's chair even though it's ours)... and the fireplace (white ceramic tile, metal inset and grate, and mirrored mantel) are JUST like the fireplace in our bedroom! The only difference is that the decorative wood curlicues on the mantel are different! The house in the photos must be the same age as mine.

Grace said...


Does it make you feel at home? I could totally see you wearing one of those artistic gowns too. (The first style!)

One of these days I'll get to see your place. Stupid gas prices.

Eskarina said...

oh my god the grace of these outfits!
I am enjoying your blog very much, have come across it as a fan of Ariel Teben and Laurie Ann Haus and U deserve a link in my permanent blogroll :D
I am a world music and rock enthusiast that has a soft spot for Goth and Preraffaelite inspired goodies.
have a peaceful weekend! (or adventurous, if that's what you're looking for)

Grace said...

Welcome, Eskarina! The goth romantic music scene is one I'm new to, but enjoying. I'm a new but huge fan of Qntal.

Hope you find a lot you like here! :)

Anonymous said...

oooohhh. Pretty. I particularly like the smocking detail on the pale willow green one.

derrydown said...

I just happened on your blog when browsing for aesthetic dress and thought, "Hey! That woman looks like Veda!" She does such gorgeous needlework. Lovely dresses and settings to match!

Grace said...

They are truly gorgeous!!

Sphinxvictorian said...

Hi, Grace!

I don't know if you're still monitoring this blog, but if you are, hi!! My dear friend, Veda Crewe (was Veda Joseph) just sent me a link to this article, and we are so thrilled that you featured our designs and her amazing workmanship on your blog! Veda is the lady in the purple dress, which by the way is actually a copy of a dress worn by Georgiana Burne-Jones in the famous photographs taken at the Grange of the Morris and Burne-Jones families. The green one, worn by another dear friend, Adrienne, is sort of a Walter Crane fantasia I imagined Ellen Terry might wear. Again, thank you so much for putting these up. They were part of my thesis project for my senior thesis at Marlboro College, and I am thrilled that you featured them!

I hope you see this comment!

All the best,