Friday, June 13, 2008

Jane Morris' Jewel Casket

This has to be my absolute favorite Pre-Raphaelite decorated object. And it's so small! But I know the first time I saw this in a photo of Kelmscott, I adored it and wanted to see it larger.

According to the Rossetti archive:

"This pastiche medieval jewel case may have been Siddal's originally, though it later came into Jane Morris's possession and is now preserved at Kelmscott Manor. It has fourteen small panels though only half still have their original decorations. “One of the scenes, showing two lovers by a rose trellis, derives from a medieval manuscript in the British Museum, the early 15th century Poems of Christine de Pisan ( Treuherz, Prettijohn, Becker, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 227 )."

According to another article online:

"The Pre-Raphaelite design of this casket is typical of the work of Philip Webb. The panels were painted by Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his wife Lizzie Siddal. At least one of the paintings appears to have been copied from a fifteenth-century manuscript. The casket belonged to Jane Burden, William Morris’s wife, and was possibly given on her marriage in 1859. "

I love to think of Rossetti and Lizzie creating this casket together as a wedding gift for Jane, whether that be the reality or not.


Siddal said...

How awesome would it be to see that in person?!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Can you imagine seeing it in person?
The chair in the Waking Dreams exhibit is probably my favorite piece of painted furniture.

Grace said...

I would LOVE to see this one in person, since it's so small, and no website seems to have a really good shot of all of the different panels. I'd love to see someone really get in there with a macro lens and get great shots of every single panel.

Lisa, that chair is a VERY close second place for favorite painted furniture item :)

Sven said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

the casket can be seen at the Boston College McMullen Museum for a limited time