Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Salon Romantique

Recently, I noticed a few of my friends on Facebook joining a group with an intriguing name. This morning, one of the two co-founders of the group sent me a friend request, and I was able to talk to him a little more about the group.

I speak of The Salon Romantique, a group with the manifesto to...

  • Redefine art today with an apropos of logic
  • Create a new cultural movement in fine art.
  • Challenge the rethinking of the romantic period in a cyber realm of thought.
  • Bring artists together in a harmonious measure enwtined with a new spirituality of grace and form, music and light.

Or, as Francis Willey summarizes, "I am trying to bring back a new romanticism in art-create culture and grace in a cgi realm."

I'm quite enthusiastic not only about the quality of the work presented, but the concept of a new group of artists rebelling against the status quo, as we all know the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood did. The quality in the group is outstanding, featuring gorgeous art.

The group was co-founded by Francis A Willey and Mark Sink. Some of Francis' beautiful photographic work is seen below.

Host of Empyrean


A Sigh From Rosebud

The below photograph by Mark Sink still blows me away. I know it isn't a period photo, but part of me still cannot believe it.


Von said...

It would be enough to make anyone reactivate their Facebook account! beautiful!

Jen Parrish said...

glad you joined also! I am such a fan of the work of these ethereal and striking photographers.