Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Other Passions Intervene

Apologies for my silence on here for the last little bit. Last week was the premiere episode of Desperate Romantics, and I was focused on that for a while, until another passion of mine intervened on Friday, and took over for a while.

I bought a screen-worn movie costume from The Secret of Moonacre!!

This does, arguably, mix in with the Pre-Raphaelites tangentially, since the gown, and the character, really seem almost straight out of one of their works.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll come down from this giddy high eventually, and I hope someone posts part 2 of the BBC series tomorrow so that we can all discuss it. If I see it, I'll be sure to post a link!

In the mean time, here's a music video someone posted with images from episode 1:


Meredith said...

Is this a tv series? I remember seeing a trailer for movie 6 months ago and it's something I want to see but have heard nothing about a movie actually being released anywhere.

Jim said...

Hello Grace,

I'm not sure if you realise but you can watch Desperate Romantics on the BBC's website? Each episode is up for about a week before it's replaced by the next one. Here's the link to episode 2. I've not seen any as I've been away but I'll try and catch up. If you have any trouble with the the link let me know.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Grace,
I am sorry that I missed your last post! I was getting ready for Ruben's homecoming and must have missed you...the costume you purchased is so stunning! Where did you buy it? Do you know that yesterday, I just bought a ballet tutu...I have been on a kick lately on vintage ballet costumes. I have such an eclectic style of d├ęcor; your costume would go into my sense of decoration as well! Just lovely, Grace! Enjoy it in the best of spirits! Anita

Grace said...

Meredith, it's a feature length film that is currently only available in European format, but some kind soul uploaded it in chunks to YouTube if you'd like to see it.

Jim, unfortunately the BBC's player is only playable in Europe as well. :/

Anita, love the tutu! :D

joanne May said...

Hi Grace,
Wow what a stunning red gown. Will you ever get to wear it?
I love all things fairytale so I love this dress!:)
I have been watching the Desperate Romantics as I live in the Uk.
I need to see the second episode though to see if I like it (not sure yet). I sometimes wonder if we are going to have a Pre-Raphaelite revival, as it seems everything Victorian and the Arts and Crafts are becoming popular again.:)
Anyway it would be good to follow you. Come and visit me too if you like!:)

Best wishes, Jo May.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Yes, I am excited about my tutu too!! I can't wait to see you in this costume; please, photos! Anita

Grace said...

Jo May, the goal is hopefully to be able to wear it when it arrives! I am attending Faeriecon this fall, and hope to wear it to the Bad Faeries Ball. :)

Anonymous said...

Grace -thanks for the YouTube hint. "The Little White Horse" is one of my favorite books of all time - mysterious, mystical and magical, and I followed the making of the movie for 2 years, only to have it now show up in the U.S. Now I can at least see some of it! Please do post pictures of yourself in the dress!! Trish

Grace said...

My pleasure, Anonymous. I trust you were able to find it on YouTube?

helen said...

Desperate Romantics-Will this be available in the US at all? I'd love to see the whole thing!

Grace said...

Hi Helen...no news yet as to whether the BBC will release this in the US (though I think it is pretty likely) or when, but you can catch each episode on YouTube usually for at least a few days after it's on, before it's pulled :)

helen said...

Shoot, I should have asked this in my other comment as well! I had not heard that there was a movie made out of The Secret of Moonacre. Has it come out in the US yet? I tried finding it on blockbuster but it is not out on video yet.

Grace said...

Hi Helen,

This one also is a UK film. But viewable on YouTube: