Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Blogger's Bio

Well, no luck finding a posting of Desperate Romantics on YouTube this time around, sadly.

Just so you know, I was interviewed by a friend, Rickey, for his blog, on the subject of the Pre-Raphaelites. I really enjoyed answering his questions, and the resulting interview is here.

Thanks Rickey!


Hermes said...

What a great interview - fascinating. I would have mentioned Rossetti's Wombat as well as his elephant but minor, minor quibble. Wish my Librarians dressed so well!

comfortablyblue said...

For the desperate romantics try this:

Grace said...

Oh THANK you Comfortablyblue!!

Hermes, I love the story of his wombat, but I never really loved that he named it Topsy...I prefer the elephant :D

RowanDeVoe said...

wow, that article is fantastic! you didn't mention anything about your self portrait photography and how you are always almost dying setting up your camera and trying to beat the timer for water shots yourself though or how you are a self taught artist who didn't even need to go to any kind of art or photography school!
(i had a really scary photo shoot in the water in MA where i actually started to shiver uncontrolably and turn blue-i should have stayed and gotten some better shots).

i also have to know how it does feel to be considered a pre-raphealite beauty. i lived in london during school and in england afterwards and studying the history the theatre and was at the tate all the time. i had my same long red hair(well i was younger and it was longer and i was much, much thinner). not one person ever compared me to any of the pre-raphaelite paintings though i wore my curly hair long. i think it is because i have always had a very large and "manish" build-big work hands, scars, dark circles, am sick looking with my super pale skin and didn't ever have the curves of a woman(they called me 'boy body' in high school-thanks). in my next life i would like to come back as some kind of beauty. tell me your secrets! i have only been know as the weird and frail girl who dresses like a man-so not fun. i need a makeover and some help.

you are pretty much talented at everything. can't wait to see what else you make for faeriecon too. and have you found the necklace? if you can't i am very confident you can figure out how to make one that looks just like it.