Sunday, July 6, 2008

Virtual-Waterhouse -- The Sims

While searching online for something else Pre-Raphaelite related, I found a neat site (I seem to find a lot of my favorite things that way).

The Cloth Menagerie has created gown skins for characters from The Sims based on ten different John William Waterhouse paintings! Some have been done before, but others are quite creative, like the skin for the gown from Circe of my favorite paintings by Waterhouse. The Pre-Raphaelites do pop up in the most unusual places!

Incidentally, I've long been interested in The Sims, but I've avoided trying the game because I know I'd get sucked in.


Anonymous said...

I think you are being wise avoiding to actually play the game :) besides letting you be a little creator of environments and lives it also provides the enchantment of a life apparently "more interesting than the player's"... but our lives are actually so much more interesting than what clever games and TV shows can offer... it's true, games and television are contemporary art work but I find it intriguing that "older" or "old-fashioned" arts and artworks do not give us the same kind of intoxication and alienation from our lives... or do they? artists and receivers CAN withdraw from the real world by indulging too much in their passion... I suppose the line between excess and "reasonable" indulgence is very thin...

Grace said...

I do think that I had more of a tendency to "escape" into MMORPGs several years ago when my real life was a bit more despairing. Not to say that anyone who plays such games is the same, but they were an escape for that I don't need anymore! :)