Monday, July 28, 2008

Arts & Crafts Antique Items

I have been to The Arts and Crafts Home websit before, of course, but for some reason I never noticed their antique sale page. My goodness....eye candy galore! I love seeing actual Arts & Crafts era furniture and items, and there's plenty of them here. None of it affordable to me, but can dream and be inspired!

Among my favorite treasures...

A print of a watercolor painting by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale I'd never seen, depicting a tender scene with a medieval family.

A gorgeous bit of stained glass:

I'll take this corner cabinet, thank you please:

Real Morris fabric on an antique chair!

A beautiful Arts & Crafts handbag:

I'll take one of these too:

Add a few tiles for the fireplace:


Unknown said...

Grr!!! Those are so yummy! I've got to hop on there and see what other art nouveau stuff they've got - my fav! :)

Grace said...

Aren't they beautiful? Oh to be a millionaire :)

Anonymous said...

I want it all! Especially love the books and the beaded purse.

Grace said...

I thought of you when I posted that beaded purse!

Anonymous said...

I want that corner cabinet and the sofa :P

Unknown said...

I love them all! Too much beauty! Come to my blog and pick up a special award!

Unknown said...

ok, i can't get over how gorgeous all of this is! i want it all!

and about the blog award-you don't need to have 7 people to send it onto-just take it and have something sparkly to say, "my blog is spectacular!".

laramartin66 said...

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