Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Aesthetic Dresses

Can you tell I really am enamoured with this dress movement? A recap, the dress movement was entirely intertwined with the Pre-Raphaelite art movement, and several people feel it was begun by Rossetti himself.

First, a wonderful article on the aesthetic / dress reform movement. The images include this beauty:
And also fascinating, an example of underwear that might have been worn with aesthetic dress:

And blast it all...I just noticed this exhibit was at the Ohio State University...only about an hour from where I live. Too bad I didn't know about aesthetic dress in 2000. :(

I also love this image of three women in aesthetic dress. Their dresses appear to be worn with corsets, but they do have the romantic silhouette:But this is perhaps the most beautiful aesthetic dress I've seen yet:

The article accompanying the gown describes it as "made from moss green velvet, and has a blue central panel with smocking; a popular feature of aesthetic dress. The dress is made from very natural looking colours, and the moss green with the central splash of blue almost resembles a forest with waterfall."

Here's a beautiful aesthetic dress made by Holley Gene Leffler

And another period piece featured on Flickr:

I really must make an aesthetic dress sometime!!


Siddal said...

I would so love to have one, too. I almost went with the pattern I found online for my wedding dress (I think that green dress you posted a while back used that pattern..the smocked one). But thought it would be really labor intensive. Someday, though!
I think I probably already mentioned, with my faux early-alzheimers, who knows!... but you have you seen the dresses in Herzog's "Nosferatu" ? Some of them are VERY Pre-Raph./artistic dress. Lovely!

Grace said...

Now I want to know where you found a pattern online for an aesthetic dress!! Please let me know???

And if you mentioned it, I don't recall. Is that a movie?

Athansor said...

I think the pattern Siddal is referring to is this one: I recognized the dress instantly! :) Maura actually made up the middle dress--the underdress, anyway, then gave it to me, and I used it on Shawndy: . Didn't quite fit--hence the sexier, open neck--but you can see the really cool smocking, anyway... (And it fit the theme of the shoot--naughty young miss, secretly reading Arabian Nights... ;))

Margaret said...

The green one would look so pretty with your colouring, Grace. It looks like it's made of moss (in a good way!).

Grace said...

Athansor, you're a godsend! What an amazingly wonderful pattern!!! I adore it!

Margaret, isn't that shade of green just divine? And I love the combination with the pale blue.

(wistful) they sure did know how to use high quality materials in those days! :)

Siddal said...

oh, yes! that's it! LOL, I kept looking for raven or rook, as I knew that was part of the name.

Here is the movie:

Here is one of the dresses, although you can barely see it.
Pink silk overdress with pale green underneath. If I recall, there is one dress in there that is straight up Janey Morris as Guinevere. *sigh*

Grace said...

Oh wow...I can tell just from that small image that it does look rather aesthetic! Ok, must watch that movie ;)

Amanda Flynn said...

What an inspiring ppost! Now I want to sew one! :)

Grace said...

Me too, definitely!

RowanDevoe said...

Wow! Too much beauty! I can't wait to see what you come up with next. I have another award for you to thank you for your inspiration at my blog so stop by pick it up!