Monday, July 14, 2008

Sarachmet's Photography

Today I'm honored to feature the photography of an amazingly talented woman. She is Sarachmet, a woman who creates incredible art with her camera and digital software that could easily sit side by side with the great Pre-Raphaelite artworks of the past, while also seeming to be utterly of the present as well.

I am blown away by the talent of Sarachmet, and I love to see all of her new projects as she creates them.

Please click the above images for larger versions...thumbnails don't do them justice. And peruse her entire Deviant Art profile.


Amanda Flynn said...

Wow! Those are absolutely GORGEOUS! Can't wait to browse her whole site!

And, just because I thought you'd get a kick out of it - I just made an Elizabeth Siddal Handbag. :)

Grace said...

Thank you for that link!! What a gorgeous bag. I am sooo wishing I had more disposable income right now ;) I passed on the link to a friend who adores Lizzie too.

Really gorgeous.