Saturday, March 3, 2012

Join the Sisterhood!

Join the movement-of-awesome that is the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood Official T-shirt.

Awesome blogger and author of Stunner, Kirsty Walker, has one!

Creator of the Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood and lovely Stunner herself, Stephanie Pina has one!

And your Pre-Raphaelite-addicted and somewhat unhinged webmistress of The Beautiful Necessity has one!

Join the club!


Stephanie Pina said...

I couldn't ask for two better models than you and Kirsty! Or two better friends! Thank you!

Grace said...

Sentiments I wholeheartedly share! <3

By the way, Tom loves to comment how you and I could be sisters. Now that I've seen your writing on the package, I must admit he's right. It's uncannily like my own!

Hilton said...

Yes, Ms. Pina is in possession of such lovely hair and complexion!

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace, I just stumbled thankfully and delightfully upon your blog. Having been a fan of the preraphs ever since I saw a very small repro of Millais "Ophelia" in a children's encyclopaedia when I was about 10 (but probably just thought "ahh she looks pretty I wonder why there's so much weed in her bath " :) , I now of course know the truth!. Delighted to say I haev seen it of course in teh flesh at The Tate in London. Another of my favourite places where there are a number of gorgeous preraphs are Oxford's Ashmolean Musuem and Birmingham city art gallery, but anyway as you can probably guess I'm in England so if ever the day comes when you need a guide to such delights here, just let me know!. Best wishes Mark - (and rumoured to be a relative of Robert Browning but thats another story :)

Pegasus said...

Beautiful! All of you! :-)

Grace said...

Anonymous/Mark, what an adorable first reaction to Ophelia! I love it. My husband and I are planning a trip to England next year. I cannot wait to see all the Pre-Raphaelite delights in person!!

Pegasus, thank you!