Friday, February 24, 2012

Michelle Hill's Award Winning Morris Quilt

I believe I might have mentioned Michelle Hill here before, author of the amazing William Morris in Applique, and her newer More William Morris in Applique. Well, Michelle has outdone even the most amazing of her wonders in this quilt, which won best of show in the Quilter's Guild of South Australia show.

She started with an unfinished William Morris design sketch from a trip she took to Kelmscott:

And decided to try finishing the design:

Um...yeah. I'd say she did a pretty decent job. Don't you? ;)


ancientfell said...

:- O

Terri Windling said...

My friend Shany Niv is creating an absolutely gorgeous Morris quilt, using Morris fabrics and copies of cartoons of Morris drawn by Ned Burne-Jones. There are glimpses of it here:

Anonymous said...

As the daughter of a devout quilter, all I can say is: WOW.

Meredith said...

That's amazing. Like Teri's friend I also made one out of William Morris fabric a long time ago. Someday I hope to enlarge it since I was working from small remnants I found on eBay at the time.

Grace said...

Terri, I LOVE your friend's design!! Especially for those of us who are PRB-nuts, it's great to see the cartoons integrated into it!

Meredith, I would love to see yours!!

RowanDeVoe said...

wow! amazing finished piece, but i also love the beginning of the piece as well!