Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Topsy!

So, today (eyes clock)....Yesterday... (ok, I count it as today still since I haven't gone to bed yet) was William Morris' birthday!! In celebration, a couple of treats to share.

First, the best cake ever...a William Morris birthday cake in a very Morris-ian lettering, from William Morris on Facebook:

Second, a portrait of Topsy I had never seen before, posted by Kirsty over at The Kissed Mouth along with a wonderful blog post about his life.

Of all the portraits I've ever seen of him, this seems to sum him up best...too busy to even stay still for a portrait, working hard on one project or another. Dear Topsy...the man whose physician diagnosed his cause of death as being "simply being William Morris, and having done more work than most ten men."


A Glass Artist said...

I think you might my blog might interest you, I post material pertaining to Jane Burden Morris and other re-raphaelite muses.

Merrian said...

io9 have shortlisted William Morris' 'News From Nowhere' in their Victorian Hugo Awards for anno 1890.

The article also says "...his 'Tale of the House of Wolfings' [i]s a novel that should have been nominated [in the 1889 Hugos]but wasn't."

Grace said...

Glass Artist, I love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing.

Merrian, thank you for the info...I made a post about it after you showed me!