Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Effie Dakota

More shots of Dakota Fanning as Effie!

This one thanks to Phillip on Facebook, via this website. I LOVE this image, what with the Millais artworks right behind her.

These are freeze frames from some videos of photos posted on YouTube. No moving images, sadly, just photos, but I definitely think the costuming in this movie could be gorgeous too.



Hermes said...

Fantastic costumes and if that is Millais he looks a real dude.

David Tennant played Millais on our radio in 1998, he would be a great Millais.

Grace said...

Hermes, what was the radio production? It sounds awesome.

Hermes said...

1998 Grace
I wonder if it still around anyway.

Raine Szramski said...

Millais was very tall--probably the tallest PRB. And David Tennant would have been awesome. (With a curly wig,of course.)

R. A. said...

Not on the topic of the post, but I thought you might enjoy this! :)
I spotted La Ghirlandata in my little sister's coloring book! I was flipping through many pages of this:
when THIS stopped me in my tracks!
Look familiar?

Anonymous said...

The costumes look fantastic! But someone REALLY needs to tell that girl to stand up straight. Hunch back = gross and ruins the line of the gown

Alexandra said...

Oh I can't wait for that movie!!
And we can already say this is a pre-raphaelite sighting, right? Since we see a Millais in the back? Better tell Stephanie, hihihi !

Grace said...

I'm so sorry I missed these comments! I believe another PRB blogger has already shared that coloring book page you showed me, you must have sent it to them, and I love it!! :D

And yes, it's most definitely a Pre-Raphaelite sighting :D