Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Groninger Waterhouse Exhibit Photos

If you search Flickr for Waterhouse Groninger, you get all sorts of wonderful images from the current Waterhouse exhibit's first stop. Including this great shot, entitled "Two of a kind"

Many more wonderful shots of people enjoying the amazing art.

And some great detail shots of the paintings themselves:

There are many more amazing shots on Flickr that I couldn't save and transfer, so please go through the link and drool.
I simply cannot get enough of Waterhouse's work. This blog certainly demonstrates my bias at times. But there's just something about the photos of people admiring the original artworks, and photographs I know were taken of *the real thing* that sends chills of excitement down my spine.


Belle-Etoile said...

I've seen the first one of the red-haired lady and thought it was too cool. And I've actually had the pleasure of seeing some of Waterhouse's work in person at the Tate gallery when I went to London. It was and incredible feeling to see the real things.

Grace said...

I can't even imagine what my response would be if I had a chance to see his art in person. I'd want to spend hours with each artwork!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

These are a great choice to display Grace! These are amongst my favorites and I plan on using the one with the woman smelling the roses on my next post! Très joli mon amie! Cheers, Anita

Hermes said...

What great pictures. People really love this art - unlike say the Turner prize, where puzzlement is always my first reaction.

Stephanie Pina said...

My favorite photos in this collection are those that include the people looking at the paintings. I love Waterhouse's images of women.
The Soul of the Rose (aka My Sweet Rose) hangs over my kitchen sink. I'm sure some people may think it's not a very kitchen-y piece of art, but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I have things I love there! I think it's a nice combination, being able to look at beautiful art whilst performing mundane chores. And I love the fact that having my favorite art in the house means that it becomes the fabric of my kids daily lives.

RowanDeVoe said...

Wow, i can't believe people are allowed to photograph these pieces!
i am so glad i was able to see many of these at the tate. i am pretty sure i will never be able to go back there at my age, but i am sure you will be able to go back and see them again-so much more detail to see in person.

Stephanie Pina said...

In 2006 I went to the Waking Dreams exhibit of Pre-Raphaelite art and was crestfallen when told I could not take photos.

Grace said...

Anita and Stephanie, I also love The Soul of the Rose! I have a tall, narrow print of it in my upstairs hallway, and if I lie in my spot on the bed, I have the perfect view of it. At first, since there isn't much *obvious* narrative in the piece, I didn't have any especially fond feelings for it, but after I put it up in my hallway (a gift from my mom) it grew ever so much on me. I became utterly enchanted by how Waterhouse captured a perfect moment...the arch of her neck and the angle of her wrist are both just so incredibly delicate and beautiful, and yet so subtle I might have never noticed how and why they work so well if I hadn't stared at it for so long. That is a great summary for what i love about his much of it can be enjoyed on a surface level, yes, but as you stare at it for longer, for always notice new depths.

Stephanie Pina said...

The reason I love Soul of the Rose so much is because I mentally see it as her just taking a brief, perfect moment to herself.
The way I imagine it, she's walking through the garden and paused just for a few moments to breathe in this rose. Then she moves on with her walk, carries on with her day, and no matter what happens, she will have had that brief, perfect moment.

Jim said...

Thanks for the link, Grace. I found a detail of Hylas and the Nymphs which was so crisp and clear I think it's the best reproduction I've seen of it. Here's the link. While I was looking I also found this and thought you may be interested (if you haven't already seen it). I thought the detail you posted of Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus particularly beautiful. Whoever took the photos obviously has a better camera than me. Mine were all blurry (not my fault, honest). I was surprised you could take photo's in Groningen because over here in England you have to ask permission and then give your name and address. If you use the photo's for anything it can only be for educational purposes otherwise, they'll have you!

As Soul of the Rose has been mentioned, I have to say it has a special place in my heart. It was the first Waterhouse painting I bought as I'd fallen in love with it the moment I saw it. I just thought it was very romantic and I think it clicked somewhere in my thick skull that women and flowers go very well together.

By the way, at first I thought it was you in the "Two of a Kind" photo. I'm sure it will be one day :)

William said...

Lovely, lovely photos! Good detail on some of them. What a pleasure it must be to see them in person! I've also read that there is a William Holman Hunt show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in just over a week. So close and yet so far.

Jim, for a closer look at several of Waterhouse's works, try the site of Bram Willemse, or just google image search for extra-large images. I found Willemse's site by searching for the title "Hylas and the Nymphs". There were several others in that search that were slightly higher in resolution.

Oh, and thanks again, Grace. I love your blog!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello dear friend,

It seems like yesterday since I wore my first crown...thanks for coming by! You hadn't seen the cornice before; wait until you see what I am going to do with it once Ruben blows out the wall and puts French doors! Later on the details...merci for your visit! Anita