Friday, June 19, 2009

Burne-Jones Quote for Friday

"[I] lived inside the pictures and from the inside of them looked out upon a world less real than they."

--Burne-Jones, in a letter to May Gaskell

I've started the book May and Amy, and only one chapter in, I already found the above divine quote from Edward Burne-Jones.


Medieval Muse said...

I have that print, in my office, purchased at Midnight Muse on my trip to Cincy to see Waking Dreams:)

Burne-Jones is my favorite amongst the shining jewels.

Hermes said...

Great quote Grace. I must read that book.

Grace said...

The full image is just stunning, Lisa.

Btw...where did you get your E.A. Abbey print? Someone was asking on...ArtMagick's forums I think?

And thanks Hermes! It's really great so far, though I just started it ;)

Anne said...

Oh, wow! I just read that book.

I thought it had some issues, but it was worth reading since it gives a look at a lesser-known but very important part of Burne-Jones's life. (And the extensive quotes from his letters to May are really cool.)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

You are introducing to me another world of literature my friend that I find fascinating. I must find a large print of this; the harp is divine. Anita

Margaret said...

Lovely quote, Grace. And so true of many pre-raphaelite paintings. May and Amy sounds like quite a book! Did you get it through the library?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello my dear! Thanks for coming over to the cottage and seeing what Ruben has been up to! More updates to come...ANita

DomNewton said...

Let us seek out that which lifts us up from the mundane and brings us closer to the divine, a transcendent, blissful, transportative, affirmation of the joy in our souls.

Let us glimpse the face of God from the corner of our eyes and rejoice in our triumph

over the gloom, the death, the darkness, the despair, the weight of the world

reduced to a shining, gossamer feather, floating high and handsome in the sunshine on the breath of our laughter.

Dom Newton 24/02/12