Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Verdant Tile Co. Review

I finally could resist no longer, and contacted Mary Philpott of Verdant Tile Co. to order the Mucha brooch. And what a great buying experience! Mary was really nice, and prompt in replies. She ended up firing three brooches, and gave me a choice of my favorite of the three. The package arrived less than a week later (even though it was international from Canada) and the item was wonderfully packaged.

The tile is gorgeous, and I had planned to wear it as a pin, but then as we were sitting on the couch that night watching a movie, I looked over at the fireplace and noticed that the tile was almost exactly the size of the strange middle brick on my fireplace. Since we rent, I couldn't do a total installation, but the brooch is now adhered to the fireplace with temporary putty. I think it looks pretty!


Stephanie Pina said...

It looks great on your fireplace! What a coincidence that it was just the right size -- a perfect fit!

Ladybug said...

A wonderful home for it, although temporary! And you'll see it every day. I must go and check out the Verdant Tile Co.

You've given me an idea too. I have two hand-painted Delft tiles, made in Holland, that I recently found again in my shed. I can now blog about them - I'm using them as coasters on my desk, I see them every day and love them.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YES! You have the "eye" Grace! I probably would have done the same. What a great purchase you made and such a great way to display your find. How cozy your hearth is...Anita

Grace said...

I'm so glad everyone thinks this looks decent. Part of me was worried that I was deluding myself and it looked totally ridiculous ;)