Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flickr: A wonderful place

I honestly adore Flickr. Not only as a place to put my own pictures to share them with family and friends, but as a general resource. Planning a vacation? Do a Flickr search for the location you want to visit. I also love doing general keyword searches related to the Pre-Raphaelites on Flickr. You can find some really fascinating things that way. Today's general keywords were....The Lady of Shalott. Here are my finds.

Above is a gorgeous photograph of the Lady of Shalott taken by Henry Peach Robinson in 1861.

Apparently somewhere out there there's a full-size statue of the Lady of Shalott. How creative!

And my favorite find of the day is a gorgeous pendant by artist Kelly Morgen. I have gone to her website now, and drooled all over my keyboard over her gorgeous works! Her headpieces and initial pendants are my favorites.
I know, I know...this blog is a week old, and I've already had two posts about The Lady of Shalott. I promise to be more diverse. I just consider The Lady of Shalott, Ophelia, and La Belle Dame Sans Merci to be the holy trinity of Pre-Raphaelite subject matter.


Anonymous said...

The statue of the Lady of Shalott is (or rather was) in a small town of Marysville, in Victoria, Australia. It was a home of a wonderful Bruno's Sculpture Garden and Art Gallery, but, unfortunalely, it was burnt down in a severe bushfire the last year :(((

Archiver said...

Since the Black Saturday bushfires, Bruno Torfs has rebuilt most of his sculpture garden in Marysville and the Lady of Shalott sculpture lives again. I went back a year after the 2009 bushfires and took more photos as a follow-on from the ones I took earlier, including the one you show above.

Grace said...

Archiver, what wonderful news! I'm very glad to hear the sculpture garden has life again. Where can I view your new photos?

Archiver said...

Hi Grace, I recently posted some photos of my 2010 trip to Marysville in my flickr account. Hope you enjoy them. I'm planning to go back there some time soon to see what has changed.

Grace said...

Great new photos! Thanks for sharing :)