Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Herbert Gustave Schmalz - Galilee

Today at my favorite antique store I found something quite interesting.  I was immediately captivated by this large artwork in a lovely old frame.

At the bottom of the image, it appeared this was handwritten in pencil: Royal Academy 1910, "Galilee"

And the artist's signature, Herbert Schmalz. 

I searched the artist Herbert Gustave Schmalz online, and found out that he is considered a Pre-Raphaelite, and was friends with William Holman Hunt and studied under Frank Dicksee.  But I can't find anything about this artwork.  Is it an original?  Some sort of limited edition print with the signed bottom?

I compared his signature on the antique artwork to one I found online, and it's convincingly similar.

If anyone has any leads on how to find out more about this lovely artwork and what this print or piece is, I would welcome it!


Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

It's lovely! It is very hard to tell a lithograph from an original, even in those days the prints were skillfully produced. I think you might get a reply if you were to send an email to the Royal Academy. They are usually quite helpful about the work of their former students. Good luck!

Grace said...

Thank you Minerva! I have an email out to the Royal Academy upon your recommendation. I also want to thank Cathy Baker for finding out quite a bit about this piece. It is, as far as we can tell, a signed lithograph. There was a finished painting of the same concept called Morning in Galilee:

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