Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fanny Photography and Art

Fanny Photography and Art took these beautiful pictures of Alessandra Casiraghi that simultaneously remind me of Ophelia, the Pre-Raphaelites, and John Bauer.


Marc Hudgins said...


On another note, is that actually a Bauer? I'm not familiar with that piece. I know it's signed Bauer, but it doesn't look like Bauer (the face isn't typical, for example) except as an amalgamation of Bauer motifs -just curious where it came from.

Grace said...

Hi Marc! Apparently it's a piece by Bauer entitled "The Princess in the Forest"

The original was sold at Sotheby's:

Pix said...

Hey :) I like you blog and I just wanted to mention we did a 'History' photoshoot the other day and one of the girls had Angelica Kaufmann - she cought her air quite well. In case you wanna ckeck it out :)

Merrian said...

Just spotted a race wear dress in a lovely blue and white William Morris wallpaper print

Grace said...

Hi Pix! I love that!! She did do an excellent job.

Merriam, love that find!!