Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bathing the Birds

This is a  fascinating article on the process involved in cleaning an original William Morris textile (Bird design) for inclusion in the San Francisco exhibition of The Cult of Beauty.

Thanks to Bradbury and Bradbury's blog for linking to this article originally.


Hermes said...

Really interesting

helen said...

You had a post earlier about wanting a bed with a "tree" theme and I was totally glomming on to the Anthropologie pic you had listed. As a result I check out the web pretty often to see if I can find something similar. These are not the same but they are much less expensive and very unique. The willow one would be awesome with gel preserved fall leaves interwoven in the branches along with some fabric for a gauzy woodsy fabric for draping. So many neat things! Also the 2nd link is to another tree bed that looks pretty neat.

Grace said...

Helen, thanks so much for those links! I shared the woven wood one in the Facebook group for my other blog, Domythic Bliss, thanking you for the share. :)