Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coolest Cake Ever

Many thanks to William Morris on Facebook for sharing the coolest cake ever made...a gingerbread recreation of Red House!!

Blog Princess G talks about the process here. I absolutely love all the details! There's Jane, Topsy, and baby Jenny made of fondant on a carpet inspired by the Willow pattern!


Hermes said...

Just wonderful.

C. Carneiro said...

I think I couldn´t eat something so wonderful... It´d be a a pity!

Merrian said...

These Doc Marten boots in strawberry thief pattern are apparently about to be released in a partnership with Libertys

G said...

Wow! I'm so thrilled you blogged about our cake. Thank you for the kind comments. :) It's great to discover your blog, and I love the title of it.

AVY said...

Super cool!


Painting Queen said...

That cake is spectacular! It reminds me that I really need to find a space for my Tudor house collection.

I wanted to let you know I started a new blog called 'The Queens Table' on blogspot. It is a food/health/social justice blog. But I thought you might want to look at it because I have used and played with paintings and artwork, from the Old Masters to the
Pre-Raphaelites on this new blog. Check out the page tabs on the top as there is artwork in each of them!

Merrian said...

This is an amazing handpainted room that when I saw it I immediately thought of William MOrris and Voysey styles.

Timecat said...

I've come across your blog several times over the years, and it's always been interesting, always memorable. Recently,though, it's been FASCINATING, and I've just spent the last several DAYS going backwards through your entries in all my spare time. I'm so impressed with your knowledge and passion for all things PRB, and that you're not snobby about the millions of knock-off items out there. You're always so happy that someone else has fallen in love with your boys too. This morning I woke up and started reading again where I'd left off last night, and what a coincidence, the first post I read was about Rosetti's Claret day! I agree with the original blogger's idea about buying a bottle of the stuff and meditating on the virtues of the Petrarchan sonnet. So much classier than the usual tradition of getting tanked on Coronas and listening to bad Mariachi music. In any case, I'm off to BevMo. But I digress! I adore your blog and the wealth of knowledge, beauty and humor contained therein. I don't know how far back it goes, but I'm back to 2008 now and intend to keep going as far as it takes me. Thank you for such a wonderful creation!

Grace said...

C. Carneiro, I doubt I'd be able to eat it either! And definitely not the little figures! :)

Merrian, aren't they awesome?? If I was more a Doc Marten gal I'd be all over those.

G, Your cake is *amazing*. I am so impressed by your phenomenal talent.

Painting Queen, thanks so much for the link to your new blog! I have perused it some and I really enjoy it so far :)

Merrian, I actually loved that link you sent me so much I shared it on my other blog, Domythic Bliss, giving you credit ;) Thanks so much.

Timecat, your post absolutely made my day, I have to tell you, and I had to come over here and immediately thank you. :)

Painting Queen said...

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my new blog "The Queen's Table." I appreciate it very much.