Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This Week's DR Episode

I'll let Millais summarize my feelings on this one:

Severely disappointed in this episode.
It's still entertaining, enjoyable, and whimsical, but I just can't stand the direction they've taken with Millais, Effie, and Ruskin. For absolutely NO good reason, they eliminated the innocence, romance, and sweetness of their relationship, and made it seem like Ruskin was paying Millais to have him seduce and deflower his wife for him, while he left for Scotland alone.
Commence a 'hilarious' scene with Millais trying to show his sexual experience (when he has none) and his friends catching him before the act, explaining that Ruskin simply wants them to be caught in the act so that he can divorce Effie on the grounds of unfaithfulness.
Why? Why did they completely change this story from the beautiful one that exists, into some sort of freak side show? All real development of feelings between them are eliminated, and everyone comes off looking badly.
I can ignore the changing of details in the PRB's story, but this is another matter entirely.


Hermes said...

Thanks for the summary. I have to admit to given up watching it. I just can't relate to what seems to be a distorted fantasy.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Leave it to Hollywood or any other cinematic enterprise to shuffle the stories that we love and weave into our imaginations!!! Very few film endeavors get it "right"! Anita

babastudioPrague said...

Yes, I was really excited about this series before it began - and now I've more or less given up watching it. It seems to bring everything down to cheap sex and sensationalism - no real interest in the art whatsoever.

Grace said...


I honestly sometimes forget it's supposed to be about the PRB, until they show one of their artworks, and then it seems strange that such silly men would have painted such masterpieces (on the show I mean, not in history...)