Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Solitaire Miles and Arthur Hughes

I've long admired the digital art of Solitaire Miles, but recently, she has started to move some of her work in the direction of Victorian and classical influences. A few of her most recent pieces take my breath away with how very reminiscent of the greatest romantic art they are. But especially I wanted to share this piece. In her description (where she also includes a poem, as the Pre-Raphaelites often did when displaying their works), she mentions that she was inspired by Maxfield Parrish, but as soon as I saw this image, I thought of Arthur Hughes, and his love for using this shade of violet (and beautiful wide-eyed young women) in his artworks.

I confess, since purple is my favorite color, I am biased in my admiration of Arthur Hughes' art. But while looking for images for this post, I came across the above images, and the one right above made me catch my breath...I own that gown!! Purple velvet, square neckline, ties down each arm. No wonder why I love his art!

Thanks to Solitaire Miles for allowing me to use her beautiful image in this post.


Hermes said...

This is wonderful Grace and I've linked to your lovely post in a few days time. This is new to me and really rather wonderful.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH GOSH GRACE, Oh forgive me for my emphatic style of expression, but dearest, youv'e got the look! I saw the painting of the Broken Engagement where the girl is wearing that stunning purple velvet shawl, looking up at her lover. That was my favorite painting in the whole exhibit followed by "The Lady with the Lilacs." The purple is my favorite color in all of these paintings. Your dress will always be a tribute and reminder of the beauty of this art and your love for it. You wear it very, very well and don't redheads turn a beautiful white in advanced years? You will remain to be a stunner when that time comes and the purple will continue to be a ravishing color on you! Thank you sooooo much for this inspirational post. Anita

Cunis Diabolis said...

I'm honored that you would feature my work, thank you Grace. I am so happy to know that somebody gets it :)
I am obsessed with the Pre-Raphaelite painters and writes, and I am trying to carry on in their honour.

Grace said...

Well believe me, Cunis Diabolis, you are definitely succeeding! Thanks so much for all your lovely art.