Thursday, March 5, 2009

An interesting bathtub from Puritan Values

A favorite website of mine is British antique shop, Puritan Values Ltd. They have page after page of gorgeous Arts & Crafts furniture and items. It's truly like an endless stream of pretty.

Last night I discovered a page with pictures of a few buildings the owner has, with rooms furnished beautifully from his stock (and most things are sellable). The rooms are available for let, as well.

In one of the bathrooms, my attention was distracted by this tub:

The owner says it is "an original Victorian bath I had re-enamelled & decorated with Pre-Raphaelite pictures, and then specially coated to resist water. If you might be interested in an original bath restored to look like this, or decorated to your own designs, then do email me with your requirements."

I'm of two minds on this tub. On the one hand, in the right sort of slightly quirky Pre-Raphaelite themed bathroom, it could be divine. But I have a soft spot for Victorian pedestal tubs, and part of me would want to just leave it alone.

What do you think of it?


Kelly said...

Aaaw...My jaw dropped when I saw that bathtub. That is truly unique. I have to go check out the website.
Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Grace said...

It is definitely unique! I've never seen anyone decoupage a tub before! :)

Coccinella said...

Well, I love the bath but I don't think I could live with it. Like you, I'd rather a plain, Victorian bath. Thanks for that website, Puritan Values, I could browse and dream for hours.

Grace said...

Careful, Coccinella, you'll never want to leave that site again once you start! :)