Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April Love

Stephanie over at Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood posted this today, and I just had to share it here too!

Everything we're seeing about the Lady of Shalott film just has me giddy as a schoolgirl. As a wonderful addition to the film, in the scene in which Tennyson reads his poem, one of the audience members will be dressed in the gown from Arthur Hughes' famous painting, April Love. I just get so elated when I see people recreating the gowns and poses of the Pre-Raphaelites so perfectly!!


Sophia Rose said...

Those are beautiful gowns. I love that look. We like a lot of the same things~
I'll be back again~

Hermes said...

I've always loved these lines:

Have I not found a happy earth?
I least should breathe a thought of pain.
Would God renew me from my birth
I’d almost live my life again.
So sweet it seems with thee to walk

A beautiful poem, a beautiful picture.

Stephanie Pina said...

Giddy is a good way to describe it, I am so excited about this project! I can not wait to purchase a DVD and see it when it's available.

I am so impressed with their attention to detail. The trailer videos are just lush and gorgeous. Now I'm getting giddy all over again just thinking about it!

Grace said...

I really find it beautiful that the Pre-Raphaelites often would cross-genres with their work...meaning, they would write a poem, then illustrate it with their art, and share both together. Beautiful!

Thank you, Sophia, Hermes, and Stephanie!

Stephanie, I absolutely cannot wait until this comes out in US format! I think we're both doing a virtual squee-dance right now at all the images being shared. :)

RowanDeVoe said...

I love this. April Love was my twin's favourite Pre-Raphealite when we first went to England and saw them at the Tate. She came home with a poster of her and I came home with The Lady of Shallot and a few others. She still loves April Love(she loves all purples and violets) so I must pass this on to her(I saw it on facebook too and after a few weeks am burnt out on fb after finding the few missing folks I was looking for). It is so great to find an old favourite again.