Monday, December 15, 2008

A Pre-Raphaelite Christmas

Apologies for the lateness of this post. I kept meaning to do it, and the holiday rush and bustle got in my way!

Without further ado, here's a list of some gift ideas for the Pre-Raphaelite aficionado in your life.

First, a pair of earrings from Etsy artist PersephonePlus. She has no earrings like this up right now, but I'm sure she'd make some if you requested. Her shop is closed very soon though for the holidays, so you'd have to hurry! What I admire about her earrings over others I've seen is that she reverses the image on the left and right earring. I much prefer this aesthetically to having the exact same image on both sides.
BabastudioPrague has been featured on this blog before, but I have to remind you about their wonderful screen-printed, professional quality bags:
If you want a serious, hardcore splurge for someone special, try purchasing a custom piece from Century Studios. These people are truly artisans, and they have done several famous Pre-Raphaelite artworks in stained glass to perfection! They also offer stained glass suncatchers at a lower price.
A few calendars of note available this year are
John William Waterhouse
William Morris wallpaper patterns
And a more general Pre-Raphaelite calendar:
I absolutely love the idea of this simplified screenprinted t-shirt of The Lady of Shalott. In fact, I keep meaning to contact the seller to see if she'd do one on a baby doll/fitted size shirt.
Of course the website I most recommend for those of you who want to buy art prints, or unique books for someone this year is Midnight Muse. Her art print section is unparalleled.

And I have to give a shout-out in this list to Jen of Parrish Relics. Though unless you purchase a pre-made item from her Thorn pages, I presume she would be unable to get your item done by Christmas, her custom jewelry is well worth any wait.
There is also of course the Waterhouse statue I featured a couple of blogs ago.

Another Waterhouse-related splurge would be a set of printed tiles, ready to be installed in a bathroom, kitchen, or any location:
How about a teapot covered with William Morris' daisy pattern, for those lovers of Morris and tea both?
Or perhaps a wall tapestry of Waterhouse's Ophelia
To inspire the next generation of Pre-Raphaelite aficionados (or if you just need a theraputic vent sometimes) try a Pre-Raphaelite coloring book

An artisan selling through Amazon has two lovely stained glass suncatchers available.

An Angel Praying by Morris:
And Ship of Souls by Burne-Jones:
Finally, try a handmade decorative bag or pillow with Pre-Raphaelite art from AmandaBethBoutique:


SUN W KNIGHT said...

Long live the Rre-Raphaelites !

A sad Knight salutes you from the Kingdom of the Sun...

Unknown said...

Wow - those are so absolutely amazing! What great gift ideas!!!

And thank for including my shop! :)

Grace said...

Welcome, Sun Knight, and a cheer to you!

Amanda, it was my pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

belated sigh- how lovely

Crize2foi said...

Hi Grace,

I just came across your blog and noticed you'd mentioned the Pre-Raphealite colouring book in which I am interested. I've found the book on Amazon, but I'd particularly like to know if the book containes the Light of the World by Holman Hunt. Do you know if it does ? (I'm trying to get a copy to colour for some kids for this Sunday!)


Grace said...

Hi Chris,

I'm afraid the colouring book does not include Holman Hunt's famous painting. :(

Hope you enjoy the blog!


Anonymous said...


Love your blog.
Please check out Barroca Louca, we do a lot of Pre-Raphaelite stuff that I'm sure you'll like.

All the best. :-)