Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Worth 1,000

Today while searching for something else (of course) I came across Worth 1,000. I've been there before, but I'd never seen their (highly amusing) takes on Pre-Raphaelite art. They are scattered throughout their photo-manipulation galleries, but well-worth seeking out for the humor factor.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Click to see larger...she has a cell phone :)

Stay tuned for a special post on holiday gifts for the Pre-Raphaelite afficionado in your life!


Amanda Flynn said...

Oh! Those are hysterical!!! I especially like that "Fairy Ring" one - gave me a real chuckle! lol.

Margaret said...

Those are so funny, Grace! You made my day.

babastudioPrague said...

These are wonderfully hysterical! Thanks for posting them.


Grace said...

Thank you, Amanda, Margaret, and Karen! It's so funny to see how different people chose to reinterpret the Pre-Raphaelites in a more modern context :)