Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Daniel Deronda

Stephanie, here's another one for your Pre-Raphaelite-sightings-in-movies project.

Tonight as I was enjoying the BBC miniseries, Daniel Deronda, I was delighted and enchanted to see that one of the characters, an artist smitten with a beautiful female houseguest, painted pictures of her in Rossetti's style. Thanks to Siddal for pointing out that this first painting was made to look like La Pia de Tolommei

Click the below images to see a much larger version...I love the colors in this painting...really lovely, especially for a prop from a made-for-tv programme.

This sketch behind him is clearly directly inspired by Rossetti's portrait of Janey, The Daydream:

The artist in his studio:If you click on the below picture to enlarge, you can see a small image over the artist's left shoulder that appears to be a Godward or an Alma-Tadema. Anyone care to identify the artwork? The Neo-classical artists aren't my forte.
Thanks to an anonymous comment for identifying this background painting. It is Blossoms by Albert Moore.


Robin said...

Cool! I will have to add that to Netflix. I think they have based it on this one:

Grace said...

D'oh! You're absolutely right, Ro...I'll edit the entry to correct. :) I *knew* one shouldn't blog after midnight ;)

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful Grace! I hadn't heard of this miniseries before. They did an excellent job with their paintings. Thanks for adding to my list!

Unknown said...

That's a series that I've always been dying to watch - HAVE to see it sometime.

That painting is just gorgeous - great post! :)

Grace said...

Stephanie, the painting only occurs in one brief scene, and I too was impressed by the quality for so short a viewing!

Amanda, I thought the series was really good...quite romantic, and I wasn't quite sure how it was going to end up, which makes for good viewing :)

Tess Kincaid said...

I haven't seen this miniseries! I am putting it on my library list right now!!

Margaret said...

How neat! I posted a funny story about Rossetti today on my blog. You'll enjoy it! This time it was Rossetti who bore the brunt of the joke--a nice twist!

Anonymous said...

The last painting is Blossoms by Albert Moore 1881, its in the Tate in London

Grace said...

Thanks so much!! I knew someone would know :)