Monday, May 26, 2008

Titania - Part I of the Medisaga

I am proud to have such talented friends! My friend Lisa Stock, (who, with Connie Toebe, created the brilliant online interactive short story experience, Through the Cobweb Forest) is currently working on a beautiful independent film, Titania - Part I of the Medisaga. She has posted a behind-the-scenes update on the film's progress that is quite exciting to see. Click here to watch it.

And to tie this in to the Pre-Raphaelites, remember that they did often use Shakespearean/Faerie motifs. Not to mention the visuals in this film look to me to be truly inspired by the classic romantics themselves.

Can't wait to see this progress!


Anonymous said...

We're so honored to be on your blog Grace! The Pre-Raphaelites are not far from our hearts in this production. Thank you for recognizing that.

xo, Lisa

Grace said...

Lisa, I love the music from the preview video too. Was it recorded as a "theme" for the movie?

Margaret said...

I just watched the preview--it looks so interesting! Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

The music is by a woman named Kerilyn. You can find her among my myspace friends. She had that in collection - and I'm thrilled to be able to use it.