Monday, February 18, 2013

The New Romantics in Out Magazine

Today while processing magazines for the library where I work, I thumbed through the newest issue of Out Magazine and came across a fashion editorial that definitely caught my eye.  It was called "The New Romantics", and the first figure in the title spread was lounging languidly in a very very Rossetti way, with one hand gracefully curved against their side.

Oh heavens me!!!  The image was *beautiful* in a very Pre-Raphaelite way, and was also rather fascinatingly gender-ambiguous.  I curiously leafed on...

What a gorgeously, gorgeously styled fashion feature, and in my opinion, most definitely inspired by Pre-Raphaelite visuals.  It's delightful to me to see how, at least for these models, the poses, accessories, and color palettes that are more often gender-stereotyped as "feminine" work so wonderfully.

To read about another graceful male figure in Pre-Raphaelite art, and Kirsty Walker's first art crush, click here to read her wonderful blog post today, Ophelia for Boys.


Laura Athena said...

Some *beautiful* male models there - very elven, particularly the blond one. I love the idea of men wearing flowers - in my opinion it does *not* detract from masculinity (after all - flowers are the "masculine" parts of a plant). And they *are* very Pre-Raphaelite! (I feel Simeon Solomon would particularly have appreciated them). :D

Merle said...

so gorgeous! j.crew has a line of pieces out now that are done in Liberty Prints~i wonder if some of the models here are wearing liberty~i think it is very cool that these prints will be available for men's wear too!