Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Artist Salon 2012

The Pre-Raphaelite Artist Salon at the Great Dickens Faire has announced their tableaux this year for the next five weekends.  
Date Tableau Artist
Friday, Nov. 23 Circe Waterhouse
Saturday, Nov. 24 The Annunciation Rossetti
Sunday, Nov. 25 Midsummer Moore
Saturday, Dec. 1 Ophelia Waterhouse
Sunday, Dec. 2 Beguiling of Merlin Burne-Jones
Saturday, Dec. 8 St. George Burne-Jones
Sunday, Dec. 9 St. George Burne-Jones
Saturday, Dec. 15 Midsummer Moore
Sunday, Dec. 16 Monna Vanna Rossetti
Saturday, Dec. 22 Circe Waterhouse
Sunday, Dec. 23 Ophelia Waterhouse


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