Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Neddy's Big Day

Well I've been rather quiet lately, but you didn't think I would let today pass by unremarked do you?

Happy Birthday, Neddy, aka Edward Burne-Jones, my favorite of the Pre-Raphaelites.  Born August 28th, 1833 in Birmingham.

How should we celebrate his Birthday today?  Well, there are a few possibilities...

-Write a chivalrously romantic love note to a woman you deem to be a Stunner....

Wear RED today, as it is a Tuesday and that's the Synesthetic color of the day according to Ned.

Read a good book.

Buy a shirt.

But above all, don't eat carrots.

Seriously...Happy Birthday to my favorite Pre-Raphaelite.


Anonymous said...

Great pics and fab first drawing too. Hm...I think I will write a love note to celebrate :-) Great ideas! Thanks

Laura Walker said...

I wrote a chivalrously romantic, moledric love note... to his ghost. Does that count?

Autumns Veil said...

I posted red-inspired [bohemian] decor.

Thanks for sharing!

Love your blog by the way~

Grace said...

My art history teacher, Dr. Gayle Seymour, actually discovered an Edward Burne-Jones painting in the house of a family in Morrilton, Arkansas. They had no idea what they had until she enlightened them. It was his painting, "Music", of two girls, one holding a violin. Can you imagine the thrill of such a discovery? I would have been terribly tempted to snatch it and keep it for myself.

Grace said...

Laura, it totally counts ;)

Louise, I love that idea :D

Autumns veil, that works too!

Grace, I'd be tempted to do the same ("It's just a bit of doodle by a local artist...$300?") except every time I looked at it I'd imagine Neddy's ghost glaring disapprovingly. LOL.

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