Tuesday, December 13, 2011

If This is What an Eccentric Spinster Looks Like...

...then sign me up!

A new article on the Daily Mail website features Victorian-era fan Julia Wood, who dresses and lives in a style to celebrate the era "from the 1890s to the first World War." She is also called an "eccentric spinster" in the article...outdated terminology, to be sure.

Clearly she has stunning taste in wallpaper, for one thing (Morris & Co of course)

And her furniture and aesthetic style are wonderful.

Love her little knick-knacks around:

And I wholeheartedly approve of her collection of blue and white china, and her tucked in photo of Oscar Wilde:

I am utterly inspired by Ms. Julia and her pursuit of beauty. She is truly a modern Aesthete!

Click the link to the article for more info, photos, and video. (Found from Mags Phelan, also shared by Art Magick on Facebook)


Horus said...

This woman is not eccentric but very sensible. Why follow the sheep with their bland characterless Ikea inspired homes. Plus it is very green to furnish your home with antiques. A victorian house needs to be treated with respect & rather than destroying/modernising it should be maintained with period detail & decor.

We are trying to achieve the same look in our 19th century terraced home so we are familiar with the lack of understanding that many people have.
May she go on collecting & embellishing her lovely home for many years to come.

Sheila said...

What a fun person! I love people who have that creative spirit and fire and live how they want....

rachelsmith133 said...

I read that article the other day and thought it was wonderful. I'd love to go round her house for a cup of tea.