Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wear a Waterhouse

A couple of new resources for wearing fashionable clothing inspired by Waterhouse.

First, this seller on ebay often has tank dresses featuring full-screens of Waterhouse artwork. There are none for sale right now, but he does have this very neat tank top featuring my favorite Waterhouse.

And here's a new shirt on Etsy I really love. Sadly, not available in my size. :(


The Editrix said...


Maria said...

Just have to tell you that this blog is wonferful and my absolute favourite:)

Grace said...

Wow Maria, thank you! What a huge compliment!

Editrix, I'm glad you like! :)

Alexandra said...

Grace! What an amazing blog and post!
How can I follow you on here, I have a blog myself and I want news from yours!!

Grace said...

Hi Alexandra! Thank you so much for the compliment! The only way I know of to follow the blog is to click the link in the blue bar at the top that says "Follow", if you're signed in to Blogspot? I know there are other websites that allow you to follow blogs in one location, but I'm not familiar with them!

I hope that helped in some way! :)

I'm enjoying browsing your blog as well now that you mentioned it!

Alexandra said...

Ah ok! I found it! I didn't know you could follow from the blue bar, I just knew about that "follow" button that sometimes appears!

ST Spence said...

Kitsch city